Praj’s Bio-PrismTM Portfolio

As a part of its newly launched Bio-Prism portfolio, Praj is developing technologies for production of bio-based Renewable Chemicals and Materials (RCM). RCM produced from bio based feedstock, are sustainable alternatives to products made from fossil resources.

Renewable chemicals of our interest comprise ‘drop in’ chemicals which are bio-derived products that directly replace petroleum derived products as well as ‘Performance advantaged chemicals’ which are bio-derived products having similar or better and distinct properties and functionalities. Renewable materials imply finished products containing renewable chemicals in its entirety or partially. Undoubtedly, renewable chemicals and materials offer sustainability advantage. RCM offers performance advantage, sustainability advantage and the most important facet i.e. cost competitiveness.

Over three decades, Praj has developed insights and expertise in processing and deconstruction of a diverse range of bio-based feedstocks. Praj’s feedstock bank contains composition data of over 10,000 agri-feedstock samples from across the world. Thus, sugary, starchy and cellulosic agri-based feedstocks along with gases like biogas, methane and various non-edible oils are the starting materials for RCM. For conversion of these feedstocks to the final molecule of interest, we are exploring Bio-catalytic, Chemo-catalytic & Thermo-chemical routes.

Praj’s Bio-Prism portfolio comprises bioindustrial products, food ingredients and agri-suppliments. Within the bioindustrial ambit, a spectrum of bio plastics remain a priority, along with cellulose-lignin refinery products and specialty products. These products have applications in industry sectors such as automotive, packaging furnishing construction, agriculture and food sectors. Over a short to medium term, Praj plans to commit substantial resources for technology and application development.