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Synthetic and molecular biology

Synthetic biology is transforming every aspect of human development including therapeutics, energy, environment, materials, food and lifestyle products.

Today, bioeconomy is developing at rapid pace. Praj Matrix can be your reliable partner in accelerating product and process innovation.

Industrial products

Whether you are looking for renewable fuels or biobased replacements of bulk or speciality chemicals, we can partner with you at any stage of product or process development.

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Recombinant proteins and peptides

Our protein/peptide expression platform combined with bioprocess development expertise can provide purified proteins and peptides at g to Kg scale.

No matter how complex is your protein or peptide, our experts can help you achieve desired expression levels at any scale.

Flavors and fragrances

Ever increasing demand of food and lifestyle products and changes in climate are affecting supplies of products based on natural sources.

Our synthetic biology services can help you in developing these products at low cost and secure continuous supply.


Today, mankind is facing life threatening infectious diseases. Development of anti-infectives like anti-bacterials, anti-biotics, anti-fungals has attracted worldwide attention, including that of the WHO.

Our experienced microbiologist and fermentation specialists can assist you in rapid screening of target drugs as well as increase product yields.

Industrial and synthetic chemistry

Role of chemistry in 21st century is shifting towards principles of green chemistry with focus on identification of new chemical pathways for natural products.

Our experts in synthetic and renewable chemistry can help you derive new chemicals or improve existing products, derive alternate chemical pathways to increase product yield and purity, as well as achieve desired steroselective synthesis.

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