Praj Americas Inc.

Praj Americas Inc. (Subsidiary of Praj industries ltd) is a unique technology and engineering company in ethanol arena in the Americas. Praj Americas Inc has been a trusted partner for clients in the Americas and commands over 60 references in 15+ countries. Praj carves a niche in South America with 100% market share in Colombia to fulfill the country's ethanol blending program. We have supplied Ethanol plants in key countries like Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, USA, El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Bolivia, and other South & Central American countries.

Praj offers a complete suite of solutions for the ethanol industry in Americas viz. Technical audits, Modernization of existing plants, Value maximization services to existing plants, Engineering services, Fermentation & Distillation technologies, licensing of technologies. Based on the feedstock and environmental norms of a country, Praj also offers customized zero liquid discharge systems for sustainable ethanol production. Praj offers End-to-end solutions – concept to commissioning; feedstock handling to effluent treatment for Grain & molasses based plants in Americas region.

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Praj Americas Inc.
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