Engineered Products

Praj offers cost-effective and efficient engineered products for the oil and gas sector in association with Flargent SA of Argentina.

Heater is used to heat fuel gas at power generation plants, compressor stations, and wellheads.Gas is heated before its pressure is reduced. Heating fuel gas while it is still at a highpressure prevents ice crystals and hydrates formation in the lines when its pressure is reduced for combustion. Ice and hydrates can cause major damage to the gas-fired turbines and other equipment.

Heater is also required to heat crude oil at offshore platforms and refineries. Oil is heated to reduce viscosity for easy pumping.

Praj designs a range of heaters and provides skateboard mounted heaters with combustion frame and associated pipes.

We offer -

  • Direct fired heaters
  • Indirectfiredheaters
  • Water bath heaters
  • Hot oil bath heaters
  • Electric heaters
Following factorsdetermine an efficient flare design –

  • Quantity, composition and pressureof the flare gas
  • Location considering other equipment and population around
  • Space availability
  • Capital expenditure and operating cost
  • Effect on environment / local pollution regulations
Praj has a range of flares to suit a wide variety of applications.

  • Ground flares
  • Enclosed ground flares
  • Mobile flares
  • Elevated flares
  • Smokeless flares
  • Vertical flares