Skid Engineering & Process Solutions

A modular process skid is a system within a frame that allows easy transportation. Individual skids can contain complete process systems or multiple skids can be combined to create a larger process system or an entire portable plant.

Process skids are an alternative to traditional stick-built construction where system parts are shipped individually and installed incrementally at the manufacturing site.

This execution philosophy has several advantages over the conventional methods as it organizes a manufacturing process into logical units to minimize risk, saves cost and time and is useful in case of process operations in difficult geographical terrains.

Leveraging its expertise across multiple engineering disciplines and manufacturing capabilities, Praj provides

modular process skids

and packages. We have developed and fine-tuned in-house capability of designing skids using 3D design softwares like Plant 4D and PDMS. We specialize in –

  • Overall plant layout to minimize site erection time and cost
  • Layout optimization for proper access and operation with equipment engineering to suit skid mounting and operation
  • Utmost importance to health, safety and environment
  • Integration of pipe routing with attached equipment
  • Instrumentation assembly and cabling with cable trays
  • Insulation and cladding of equipment and piping
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
  • Supporting and lashing of equipment with suitable lifting provisions for handling and shipment