Bucher-FiltroxPraj provides superior filtration systems in partnership with the global leader in beer filtration equipment M/s Filtrox (now Bucher Unipektin AG).

Praj and Bucher-Unipektin have successfully commissioned over 54 filtration systems in India accounting for more than 85% of India’s beer production. We have also introduced India’s first beer recovery plant from surplus yeast.


MeuraPraj and Meura inked an exclusive partnership for India and sub-continent in 2006 to supply high efficiency mash filters for the brewhouse.Meura is global leader in wort separation technology using mash filtration equipment. Praj and Meura have successfully commissioned 11 mash filters across India. This collaboration has developed the electrical and automation hardware and software package for the Indian brewing industry and is the most successful partnership delivering the best technology at an affordable price.