BEER. A drink soaked in malted barley, hops and water. An art integrated with science to deliver varied flavors and drinking pleasure. The key to producing fine quality beer is production of high quality, clear wort from the most important process section– The Brewhouse!

Praj has an expertise in designing and delivering state-of-the-art brewhouse, capable of processing a variety of raw materials and batch sizes. Our brewhouse delivers wort quality matching the globally accepted standards of clarity, efficiency, extract yields and productivity with shorter brewing cycles.

Mash Kettle
Our mash kettles have the necessary technical features that ensure high extraction rate to achieve superior quality. Apart from the ingredients used, parameters like optimum level of chemical and bio-chemical conversions, effective mixing, agitator design, vessel wall temperatures, accuracy of process control etc contribute equally to the quality of wort and subsequently that of the beer.

Our mash kettle is specially designed to handle varying composition of malt and different mashing profiles.


  • Equipped with robust dimple type heating jackets
  • Unique agitator design ensures low shear stress on mash resulting in intimate mixing and homogeneity
  • Variable frequency drive for agitator speed flexibility
  • Linear temperature increase with uniform heat distribution
  • Large diameter, slow speed bottom driven agitator
Lauter Tun

The final beer quality depends on the performance of lautertunand that's why we call it heart of the brewhouse.

Our lautertun is uniquely designed to achieve highest extract yield with different types of grist and adjuncts. The design provides higher filtration areas, greater wort concentration, optimum use of sparging water and higher bed loading. Robust automation enables definition of accurate set points and differential pressure logic to achieve perfect lautering speeds.


  • Higher filtration area to ensure reduced cycle time
  • Speed flexibility of the raking arm during mash intake, bed cutting and spent grain discharge
  • Adjustable location of knives in horizontal plane with special profile and straight knives
  • Cup type arrangement for uniformwort run-off across the lautering bed
  • Flushing nozzles with built-in check valves and pop-up nozzles for thorough cleaning
  • Special sparging system for gentle, even distribution with effective leaching of wort
  • Air-free lauteringwith closed loop ring pipe wort collection system
  • Trouble-free, mechanically operated latching and de-latching mechanism for spent grain removal
Mash Filter
In association with the Belgium based Meura SA, world leaders in mash filtration technology, Praj offers high efficiency mash filters in India and the Indian subcontinent. Mash filter is an optimum choice for breweries with over half a million hlpa capacity. It ensures increased efficiency and productivity with lower utility consumption, thereby enhancing revenues for the brewers.

  • High productivity (12 brews/day and more)
  • High extract yields (practical yield at least equal or greater than the lab yield)
  • Very bright worts with low solids content (<5ml/l)
  • High extract yield resulting in decrease in specific malt consumption
  • Acceptance of high proportion of adjuncts (upto100% with the use of exogenous enzymes)

Due to increased cost and varying quality of malt, mash filter has become a more viable &suitable option for the Indian brewing industry.

Wort Kettle
Wort kettle is the turning point in brewing process. Any change in boiling has to be monitored carefully to ensure the flavour of the final product. Generally, boiling wort at or near the normal atmospheric pressure gives the most desirable results.


  • Options of external and internal wort boiling (e-Comboiler)
  • Variable speed control of wort circulation pump provides gentle handling and maintains the hot break together
  • Special design fountain provides large surface for the removal of volatiles
  • Lower heat flux and optimum heat transfer area for increased number of brews between cleaning
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Add-on module of heat recovery system
  • Improved utilization of hops
Separation of wortfrom the hot break/trub formed during boiling is the prime function of whirlpool. Removal of unwanted volatiles like DMS also takes place in this section and determines the beer quality.


  • Sloping bottom and inverted cone designfor efficient trub separation
  • Tangential entry of wort at optimum velocity keepstrub particles intact
  • Multiplewort outlets maintain the trub cone throughout cooling
  • High flowrates decreasing at the end ofwort cooling ensure less disturbance to trub cone
  • Automatic trub cleaning with reduced water consumption
  • Large surface area due to tangential entry allows unwanted volatiles to escape
Wort Cooler
Single stage wort cooling with pre-cooled brewing water ensures that the wort is cooled to the pitching temperature in onepass. This way the total heat used is returned to the brewing process. Wort to chilled water ratio is optimized to reduce the water consumption and refrigeration load.
Wort Aeration System
Consists of the air flow meter, primary & sterile airfilters and steam filters. The specially designed venture type aeration nozzle creates a slight vacuum to draw oxygen. This action makes oxygen bubbles spread finelyover a large contact area for reaction with the wort.


  • Option of complete, automatic standalone wort aeration skid
  • Easy installation and interconnection in the existing brewhouse
  • Control based on the wort DO level