Craft Brewery Solutions

Unlike other alcoholic beverages, beer is consumed fresh. Brewers are responding to changing tastes and demographics by bringing innovative products with flavors and freshness.

Praj offers a range of customized solutions and process equipment for craft breweries, with the flexibility to develop innovative recipes and batch sizes using a variety of raw materials.

We offer -

  • Customized, modular design
  • Batch sizes
    • Compact module 15 HL to 50 HL
    • Industrial module 50 HL to 100 HL
  • Annual capacities upto 250000 HL/year
  • Upto 12 brews/day with flexibility
  • Fermenters/tanks as per the capacity planning
  • Flexible, modular concept with simple design
  • Equipment specifications like cooling rates, dimensions, and material of construction as per the brewer’s requirements

Craft Brewery Solutions- The Praj Advantage:

  • Solutions from brew house to bright beer tanks crafted for the brewers’ requirement.
  • Simple modular design with vessel configurations to enable easy future expansions.
  • Designed to meet minimum space and installation requirements.
  • Pre-designed a pre-assembled systems allow optimized site installation & commissioning time.
  • Experienced and professional team for projects and after sales support.