Praj has a sound infrastructure to develop, manufacture and supply the products globally with back-up service.

Advanced research facilities comprise

  • Microbial and molecular study labs and process development pilot facilities
  • Advanced analytical instrumentation and molecular biology facilities
  • Pilot simulations of industrial application environments such as automated fermentations, Rusitek simulators are used extensively for the research work

Praj has a dedicated manufacturing facility spread over 65000 square feet, accredited with ISO 9001, FDA, KOSHER & HALAL certifications near Pune, India. A sterile and hygienic manufacturing set up comprises various modules -

  • Fermentation
  • Enzymatic reactions
  • Formulations and packaging sections
  • Quality control labs

Further using the experience of ethanol coproducts like DDGS/CMS and microbiology expertise, Praj has commercialized the livestock performance enhancers to its offerings.

In near future; as a backward integration, bioproducts division plans to enter the Crop performance enhancers for improving yields of biofuel and related crop farming.