Enhancing Quality of Life

Over 35 years of experience in the ethanol industry has given Praj a distinct advantage of creating customized products for the global market. Application of Praj’s bio-products not only increases process efficiency in the plant, but also results in a higher recovery of ethanol. Praj is renowned for its global experience in process operations and designing and deploying ethanol plants that handle various feed stocks.

Praj’s bio-products division specializes in the development of innovative formulations that add “economic value” to biochemical processes. The division offers performance enhancement bio-products to improve operational efficiency and product quality.

Praj has established a state-of-the-art technology centre, Praj Matrix, equipped with the latest equipment. Application based customised formulation research is undertaken to stay abreast with the rapidly changing industry scenario and to meet customer needs. These products are formulated using useful bacteria, yeasts, fungi, enzymes, anti-microbials and nutrition biomolecules.

Praj’s Expertise is based on

  • Design and operation of continuous, fed-batch and batch type fermentation processes.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of feed-stocks composition and its effect on fermentation & yeast.


Praj’s bioproducts cater to various industries in over 12 countries. These formulations are based on the specific applications of the products. We offer a wide range of bio based unique formulations product to various industry verticals in India and overseas markets.

Industries Served

Why Bioproducts

  • Reduced cost of production
  • Improved yields
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduction in waste & energy
  • Prevent contamination & spoilage
  • Improves digestion & assimilation
  • Improved feed conversion
  • Improved health & immunity in case of
  • dairy, poultry and aquaculture

Praj has a sound facility to develop, manufacture and supply the products globally with back-up service.
Advanced research facilities comprise

  • Microbial and molecular study labs and process development pilot facilities.
  • Advanced analytical instrumentation and molecular biology facilities.
  • Pilot simulations of industrial application environments such as automated fermentations, Rusitek simulators are used extensively for the research work.

Praj has a dedicated manufacturing facility spread over 65,000 square feet, accredited with ISO 9001, FDA, KOSHER & HALAL certifications near Pune, India. A sterile and hygienic manufacturing set up comprises various modules -

  • Fermentation
  • Enzymatic reactions
  • Fermentation
  • Enzymatic reactions

Further, using the experience of ethanol coproducts like DDGS/CMS and microbiology expertise, Praj has commercialized the livestock performance enhancers to its offerings.

In near future; as a backward integration, bioproducts division plans to enter the Crop performance enhancers for improving yields of biofuel and related crop farming.


Effytone is a bio-nutrient with complete yeast nutrition for enhancement of fermentation performance. While ensuring high rate of yeast metabolism, Effytone also provides vital micro-nutrients which facilitate healthy yeast growth. It also results in rapid conversion of sugars to alcohol, ensuring higher yields and minimal bacterial contamination and by- product formation. Praj offers variants based on feed stock and application.
Effycane is a specially designed Biotechnology based formulation for improved sugarcane Juice /Syrup alcohol fermentation.
Effymoll is the unique formulation to achieve high yield from cane molasses alcohol fermentation process.
Effygren is a specialized formulation to improve performance of starch based alcohol fermentation.
Effyweat is a unique innovative product which improves the overall alcohol yield in the process.
Effycasv is the specially designed biotech based formulation to improve yield from cassava based alcohol fermentation.
Effybeet is a specialized product which improves overall sugar profile which in turn leads to better alcohol yield. It improves the conversion of starch in the process.