Fermentation is where the actual reaction takes places between feedstock and the yeast to form ethanol. It is of utmost importance that the process is infallible and closely monitored. Praj offers a range of

fermentation technologies

combining biochemistry and engineering.

HiFerm fermentation
  • Proven technology with fleximode options – fed batch, continuous and Combiferm
  • High fermentation efficiency with maximum yields
  • Higher alcohol concentration in mash upto 15% v/v
  • Allows maximum stillage recycle (upto 60% for sugar syrup) reducing substantial water usage and less stillage volume for final treatment
  • Option to tap CO2 for processing to food grade quality
Synchronous (fed-batch)Continuous
  • Flexibility to process multiple feedstock and their combinations
  • Can be terminated anytime depending on the feedstock composition
  • Risk of infection – less as after termination of batch, fermenters are cleaned
  • Higher yield
  • First fermenter acts as fresh yeast supply to rest of the fermenter
  • High active cell mass concentration ensures fast reaction
  • Minimal yeast usage
  • Consistent mash quality
  • Less CIP, less laborious
  • Lower CAPEX
  • Easily automated
Combiferm – Best of both the worlds
  • Separation of yeast growth phase (Biostat) and ethanol generation phase (Chemostat) in fermenter
  • Ensuring hygienic operations in Biostat by operating fermenter in fed batch mode
  • Ethanol generation in continuous mode of operation (Chemostat) for consistent mash feed to distillation
  • Requires lower foot print (by 10-15% compared to fed-batch)
  • Reduced CAPEX & OPEX without compromising quality
  • Capacity enhancement (15-20%)
  • Low CIP effluent generation
  • Reduction in spent wash (higher ethanol titer 10-15% v/v)
  • Reduced time for construction & commissioning
  • Higher fermentation efficiency
  • Excellent congener profile for beverage grade alcohol