Customer Care Cell

Praj stands true to its dedication to providing a complete suite of solutions to customers. Our support cell is always on guard for any operational issues that may occur in a plant.

In addition to our own qualified engineers and technicians, we are ably supported by local associates in India and overseas. This strong network ensures that round the clock help is available efficient operations of the plant.

At the time handover, we train the plant personnel in operations and troubleshooting. We also provide them the necessary literature and operating manuals.

Our offerings can be summarized as below -

  • Technical assessment and re-start up services
  • Hardware related services & support for Praj’s proprietary equipment and bought-out components
  • Extended operations support
  • Yeast slant management and supply
  • Process benchmarking services
  • Process troubleshooting support
  • Laboratory analysis of feedstock, water, product samples
  • Setting up microbiological lab & analytical training

All in all, our relationships go a long way after the plant is handed over.