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Sustainability Starts Here!

Praj stands by its ethos of sustainability in everything it does – starting with its business lines. In all the businesses, it is our endeavor to add elements of sustainability to mitigate and reverse the negative impact on environment and enhance the profitability for our customers.

Our passion has led us to focus on three areas viz. agri-processing, energy and environment. These themes are timeless and we have carved a niche for ourselves in the chosen businesses.

Our solutions are backed by thorough research with the help of Matrix – R&D center and allow customers to produce more from less and to reduce the consumption of precious utilities like water, power and steam.

All our businesses viz. Bioenergy, High Purity Systems, Critical Process Equipment & Systems, Skids Engineering, Brewery Plants, Water & Wastewater Systems are driven by teams of professionals and ably supported by world class manufacturing infrastructure.

With over 30 years of reliability and trust, Praj has established references in more than 100+ countries in various industrial segments. What differentiates Praj is its willingness to go the extra mile. You can count on us at every step of the project – right from concept to execution and beyond.

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