Dr. M Kulkarni Talks at AIDA on 2nd Gen Ethanol & Zero Spent Wash

With the increasing problem of water scarcity plaguing the entire nation, a major challenge for industries is to be efficient in use of this vital resource. The mandate for Zero Spent wash Discharge is a manifestation of the growing need for various industries to monitor their resource usage.

Praj is one of the few companies in the world to successfully develop and demonstrate second generation ethanol production using agri-residue. Dr. Mahesh stressed on the various factors which necessitate the need for sustainability such as growing volatility in the feedstock and ethanol prices, Rising energy and water cost, stringent pollution control norms and uncertainty in government policies.  Sustainability requires reduced effluent generation at the source itself, recycle and reuse of water and integration of effluent treatment systems with the main process plant. Praj has developed technologies for several clean, renewable fuels and chemicals viz. BioCNG, Bio-butanol, etc which have the potential to redefine the global energy matrix.