Torchbearer in Bio-MobilityTM

Praj technology for renewable transportation fuel

The Bio-MobilityTM platform promotes the use of renewable resources to produce carbon neutral transportation fuel across all modes of mobility (surface, air and water). As part of this platform, Praj deploys its biofuel technologies for the transportation sector, thus playing a role to help mitigate the dangers of climate change.


  • Helps reduce environment pollution and health hazards
  • Helps minimize carbon footprint; minimize GHG emissions
  • Utilises existing fuel and retail infrastructure
  • Promotes rural economy; entrepreneurship and job creation
  • Helps in energy self- eliance; facilitates foreign exchange savings

True to its vision of making the world a better place, Praj continues to pursue sustainable decarbonization through circular bioeconomy. This is achieved by deploying Praj’s proprietary biofuel technology solutions such as :

from sugar and starch-based feedstock like B & C molasses, sugarcane juice, cassava, grain, sugarbeet, among others.

‘Enfinity’ from agri-residue such as bagasse, corn cob, rice straw, wheat straw, etc.

Renewable Natural Gas

‘Rengas’ from agri-feedstock such as biomass, press mud, etc


'Ecodiezel' produced from UCO, CPO, PFAD, palm stearin, tallow, corn oil and acid oil using enzymatic technology.

Marine Biofuels

from lignin-based feedstock.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

(SAF) from sugars, starch and biomass from renewable sources.

Bio-Mobility : Facilitating energy self reliance, economic development and growth of the farming community.

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