About Us

Welcome to Praj Industries.

What started off as an entrepreneurial venture three decades ago, is today India’s most successful company in the field of bio-based technologies and engineering with presence all over the world. The zeal of working toward making the world a better place has stayed with us till today and will continue to do so.

With a humble beginning as a supplier of ethanol plants, today Praj is a globally leading company with a bouquet of sustainable solutions for bioenergy, high purity water, critical process equipment, breweries and industrial wastewater treatment.

Headquartered in Pune, India, Praj has spread its presence across the globe with 1000++ References in 100+ countries across all 5 continents.

Praj’s business portfolio includes -

Around 80% of ethanol produced globally is used as vehicular fuel. With increasing demand for cleaner fuels and an attempt to reduce dependence on crude oil, more than 60 countries in the world are at different stages of ethanol blending mandate. Praj has carved a unique position in the world of ethanol technology by virtue of its expertise which cuts across a variety of sugar to starch based feedstock, collectively called as 1st generation feedstock.Praj is one of the handful of companies in the world to successfully develop and demonstrate 2nd generation ethanol technology using agri-residue.We haven’t stopped there! Praj has developed technologies for several clean, renewable fuels and chemicals viz. BioCNG, Bio-butanol etc which have the potential to redefine the global energy matrix.In addition, Praj has developed expertise in processing multiple feedstock to produce a variety of grades of ethanol. After fuel, major applications of ethanol include beverage and industrial. Depending on the soil-climate condition, feedstock can be sugarcane juice, molasses, different kinds of grains like corn, wheat, rice or tubers like cassava.

Addressing the pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetics and wellness sector, Praj Hipurity Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary, is engaged in providing high purity water and hygienic systems to the pharma industry. A niche, established business, Praj HiPurity Systems has reputed clientele in the Indian and global pharma industry. In addition to the high purity water systems, Praj HiPurity has focus on modular process systems and internationalization.

This vertical serves a wider sectoral requirement for high end equipment & systems finding applications in the oil & gas, petrochemical, fertilizer and chemical industry. India is emerging as a sourcing hub for engineered products, especially those with a level of criticality in terms of material of construction, complexity of fabrication and engineering standards. Praj has demonstrated capabilities wherein it supplies critical process equipment & systems to a number of domestic and global players.

This synergistic business came into being in the early 90s. Right from conceptualization, technology, design, plant engineering up to project installation and commissioning - Praj offers complete solution backed by expertise and experience. Praj supplies world class brewery plants capable of producing the best quality beers at the most optimum costs.

Breweries supplied by Praj are environment friendly utilizing minimum water, energy and with low carbon footprints.

Praj offers integrated wastewater treatment systems and has an established name in the industrial sector with a wide range of solutions. This vertical addresses industrial applications for high quality water, complex effluent treatment including recycle, reuse and zero liquid discharge systems.

World-class infrastructure

The backbone of Praj’s technology development is Praj Matrix, the Innovation Centre. In addition to supporting to existing businesses, Praj Matrix is engaged in development of a range of renewable fuels and chemicals. The 2nd generation ethanol technology is developed in-house at Praj Matrix.

Praj’s solutions are ably supported by world-class manufacturing facilities located in India - in Pune, Kandla (Gujarat) and Wada, near Mumbai. All the facilities are accredited with ASME U and H stamps and ISO 9001-2008 certification. Equipment engineering and fabrication is in accordance with international standards and codes. Praj employs around 1200 professionals in India and overseas from various engineering and other disciplines.

With a slew of new initiatives, Praj aspires to be a major player in the environment, energy and agri processing led applications providing innovative, integrated solutions including plant, equipment and products that will enhance the quality of life.